Crew & Mission

(ISS02-S-002 - February 2001) --- Cosmonaut Yury V. Usachev (center), Expedition Two mission commander, is flanked by the other crew members--astronauts James S. Voss and Susan J. Helms--who will join him for an extended stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS), beginning in March of this year. Usachev represents the Russian Aviation and Space Agency.


The Flight Suits

The nametag of Yury Usachev, take from his Sokol KV-2 suit.

IVA Wear

The Exp-2 Artwork

The Expedition 2 patch was designes by Dima Shcherbin of Planeta Zemlja (Planet Earth). A prototype was produced, however without the stars in the black field. The design was subsequently turned over to NASA, resulting in an adapted and slightly larger patch.

(ISS02-S-001 - January 2001) --- The International Space Station Expedition Two patch depicts the Space Station as it appears during the time the second crew will be on board. The Station flying over the Earth represents the overall reason for having a space station: to benefit the world through scientific research and international cooperation in space. The number 2 is for the second expedition and is enclosed in the Cyrillic MKS and Latin ISS which are the respective Russian and English abbreviations for the International Space Station. The United States and Russian flags show the nationalities of the crew indicating the joint nature of the program. When asked about the stars in the background, a crew spokesman said they "...represent the thousands of space workers throughout the ISS partnership who have contributed to the successful construction of our International Space Station."

Collecting Exp-2

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