Crew & Mission

(ISS01-S-002 or JSC2000-06243 - October 2000) --- ISS Expedition One Commander William M. (Bill) Shepherd (center) is flanked by Soyuz Commander Yuri P. Gidzenko (right) and Flight Engineer Sergei K. Krikalev (left) in this crew photograph, taken during a break in training in Russia. The three, posed in front of a rendition of the International Space Station, are wearing the Sokol space suits like those they will don for their Soyuz-provided trip to ISS later this month.

Right: the Exp-1 back-up crew.



The Flight Suits

IVA Wear

The Exp-1 Artwork

(ISS01-S-001 - October 2000) --- The first International Space Station crew patch is a simplified graphic of the station complex when fully completed. The station is seen with solar arrays turned forward. The last names of the Expedition One crew, Soyuz pilot Yuri Gidzenko, flight engineer Sergei Krikalev, and expedition commander William (Bill) Shepherd, appear under the station symbol.

Collecting Exp-1

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