Crew & Mission

Left: Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Zhugderdemidiyn Gurragcha posing in their training Sokols. Right: The crew in training PK-suits.

The Interkosmos-patch, the Mongolian flag and the Mongolian seal.

The Real Thing

Left: the crew in flight Sokols just before the mission. Right: The crew shortly after landing.

The joint mission patch was worn on the right sleeve of the intra-vehicular suits. The Interkosmos council logo was worn on the right lower torso, with the Soviet and Mongolian seals at the upper left chest. On the Sokol suits, the Interkosmos council patch was worn on the right sleeve. On both suits, the flags were worn on the left sleeve. The Soviet flag was a felt, square lettered type on both the Sokol and the intravehicular PK-suit.

Collecting Soyuz-39

The patch was designed and produced by the Zvezda corporation. Two souvenir versions were made in the West by Stewart Aviation in England and Space Commerce Corporation in the United States. A related patch was produced by Eagle One Aerospace. The Stewart Aviation version is still in their catalogue; the SCC version is offered every now and then on eBay and the EOA-version might still be available from Cargo Bay Emblems. The original Soviet-made patch was made available to officials as part of a Presentation Set.

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