The Crew

(JSC2009-E-242830 - 19 Nov. 2009) --- The STS-130 crew members, attired in training versions of their shuttle launch and entry suits, take a moment to pose for a crew photo prior to a training session in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Astronauts George Zamka (center right), commander; and Terry Virts, pilot, hold the mission logo. Also pictured from the left are astronauts Stephen Robinson, Nicholas Patrick, Kathryn Hire and Robert Behnken, all mission specialists.

STS-130 art

(STS130-S-001 - September 2009) --- The STS-130 patch was designed by the crew to reflect both the objectives of the mission and its place in the history of human spaceflight. The main goal of the mission is to deliver Node 3 and the Cupola to the International Space Station (ISS). Node 3, named "Tranquility," will contain life support systems enabling continued human presence in orbit aboard the ISS. The shape of the patch represents the Cupola, which is the windowed robotics viewing station, from which astronauts will have the opportunity not only to monitor a variety of ISS operations, but also to study our home planet. The image of Earth depicted in the patch is the first photograph of the Earth taken from the moon by Lunar Orbiter I on August 23, 1966. As both a past and a future destination for explorers from the planet Earth, the moon is thus represented symbolically in the STS-130 patch. The Space Shuttle Endeavour is pictured approaching the ISS, symbolizing the Space Shuttle's role as the prime construction vehicle for the ISS.

STS-130 payload

The official payload patch for STS-130

The ESA Node-3/Cupola payload patch was designed by ESA's Human Spaceflight Directorate, and shows Node-3 and Cupola in their final configurations attached to the ISS after the launch of STS-130 on the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The structure of the ISS is outlined in the background, and a completed ISS is shown in blue in the foreground. Earth is positioned with Europe clearly visible, and one of the ISS solar panels points to Italy, home to the prime contractor for building both Node-3 and Cupola. The six stars represent the six areas of contribution from Europe to ISS hardware (the Columbus laboratory, Nodes-2 and -3, the Automated Transfer Vehicles, the European Robotic Arm, the Data Management System (DMS-R) and the Cupola observation module).

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