The Crew

(STS126-S-002 - 5 March 2008) --- Attired in training versions of their shuttle launch and entry suits, these seven astronauts take a break from training to pose for the STS-126 crew portrait. Astronaut Christopher J. Ferguson, is at center; and astronaut Eric A. Boe, is third from the right. Remaining crewmembers, pictured from left to right, are astronauts Sandra H. Magnus, Stephen G. Bowen, Donald R. Pettit, Robert S. (Shane) Kimbrough and Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper

STS-126 art

(STS126-S-001 - April 2008) --- The STS-126 patch represents Space Shuttle Endeavour on its mission to help complete the assembly of the International Space Station (ISS). The inner patch outline depicts the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) Leonardo. This reusable logistics module will carry the equipment necessary to sustain a crew of six on board the ISS and will include additional crew quarters, exercise equipment, galley, and life support equipment. In addition, a single expedition crew member will launch on STS-126 to remain on board ISS, replacing an expedition crew member who will return home with the shuttle crew. Near the center of the patch, the constellation Orion reflects the goals of the human spaceflight program, returning us to the Moon and on to Mars, the red planet, which are also shown. At the top of the patch is the gold symbol of the astronaut office. The sunburst, just clearing the horizon of the magnificent Earth, powers all these efforts through the solar arrays of the ISS current configuration orbiting high above.

STS-126 design
Both Tim Gagnon and Jorge Cartes made initial desings for the STS-126 crewpatch and they submitted that to the crew.

Shown above are the initials designs, You will notice that the 3rd and 5th initial design form the basis for the final desing.

The way it worked was each Friday after a crew meeting I (Tim) would get a phone call from Eric Boe with the latest recommendations and/or suggestions. I would email Jorge and together we would work over the weekend and send in the revised art to Eric on Monday.

(below)This desing was send to the crew at the end of October 2007. You can see the crew's recommendations to update the desing.

In November 2007 the crewpatch comes close to its final design...

Tim and Jorge write this to the STS-126 crew: You will notice that the main difference between these four designs (above) is the treatment of the ISS. In design "A" the ISS is blue with gold highlights. All of the changes have been accomplished. Jorge asked to reconsider his treatment of the clouds.

And also:

In these three designs (above) the gold color is lighter. The C3 and C4 designs include a Moon and Mars element. The clouds have been given a bit more depth with shading. There are seven colors by my count in C3 & C4, eight colors in C2. There are seven stars (besides Orion) in the sky as well as seven rays of the Sun to represent the seven crew members.

The choices we have presented to you (the STS-126 crew) in designs A through D are:

1. Which treatment of the ISS do you prefer?
2. Location of "STS-126"
3. Which gold color do you prefer?
4. Keep or omit Moon, Mars and/or Orion.


1 Make sure letters are 1/4" high in final product.
2.Remove NASA logo from wing.
3 Sun is orange and yellow.
4 ISS solar arrays "orange" like the Sun.
5 Earth's horizon has orange and yellow highlights.
6 Try extending Sun's "rays" like STS-115 but maybe not as far as the border. You’ll have to make the Sun a bit smaller to do this.
7 STS-126: keep the lettering in the "swoosh" behind the shuttle but make lettering not bold.
8 MPLM outline the same thickness as patch border. It looks thicker.
9 Extend middle ray in astronaut symbol to make it the same length as others.
10 Place a thin gray line from the nose of the shuttle to the wing to show outline of orbiter better.
11 Earth's horizon has orange and yellow highlights. Make them thicker like the STS-115 patch.
12 Color Earth's ocean same blue as border. Also when you do mute the colors of the clouds - maybe gray instead of white.
13 Make MPLM outline thinner than patch border except where it is the patch border.

Below you can see the 13 changes Tim and Jorge made:

As you can see above even after "we" did our last work on this design the graphics department at JSC flipped the mission specialists names and simplified the shape a bit more.

Collecting STS-126

The souvenir version of the STS-126 patch.

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