Crew & Mission

(STS060-S-002, 01 December 1993) --- Five NASA astronauts and a Russian Cosmonaut take a break from training for their scheduled flight in space to pose for the traditional crew portrait. In the front (left to right) are Astronauts Kenneth S. Reightler Jr., and Charles F. Bolden Jr., pilot and commander, respectively. On middle row are Astronauts Franklin R. Chang-Diaz and N. Jan Davis, mission specialists. On back row are Astronaut Ronald M. Sega (left) and Russia's Sergei K. Krikalev, both mission specialists.

The Artwork

(STS060-S-001 and STS060-S-003, 01 November 1993) --- The design of the crew patch for NASA's STS-60 mission depicts the Space Shuttle Discovery's on-orbit configuration. The American and Russian flags symbolize the partnership of the two countries and their crew members taking flight into space together for the first time. The open payload bay contains: the Space Habitation Module (Spacehab), a commercial space laboratory for life and material science experiments; and a Getaway Special Bridge Assembly in the aft section carrying various experiments, both deployable and attached. A scientific experiment to create and measure an ultra-vacuum environment and perform semiconductor material science -- the Wake Shield Facility -- is shown on the Remote Manipulator System (RMS) prior to deployment.

Russian Version