The Crew & Mission

(S85-32877) -- Official portrait of STS-51G mission crew. Commander Daniel C. Brandenstein, Pilot John O. Creighton, Mission Specialists Shannon W. Lucid, John M. Fabian, Steven R. Nagel and Payload Specialists Patrick Baudry and Sultan Salman Al-Saud.

Mission: MORELOS-A, ARABSAT-A and TELSTAR-3D Communications Satellites
Space Shuttle: Discovery
Launch Pad: 39A
Launch Weight: 256,524 pounds
Launched: June 17, 1985 at 7:33:00 a.m. EDT
Landing Site: Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
Landing: June 24, 1985 at 6:11:52 a.m. PDT
Landing Weight: 204,169 pounds
Runway: 23
Rollout Distance: 7,433 feet
Rollout Time: 42 seconds
Revolution: 112
Mission Duration: 7 days, 1 hour, 38 minutes, 52 seconds
Orbit Altitude: 209 nautical miles
Orbit Inclination: 28.45 degrees
Miles Traveled: 2.9 million

STS-51G Artwork

(sts51G-s-001) - The STS-51G insignia illustrates the advances in aviation technology in the United States within a relatively short span of the twentieth century. The surnames of the crewmembers for the Discovery's mission appear near the center edge of the circular design. They are astronauts Daniel C. Brandenstein, mission commander; John O. Creighton, pilot; John A. Fabian, Steven R. Nagel and Shannon W. Lucid, mission specialists; Sultan Salman Abdelazize Al-Saud and Patrick Baury, payload specialists. Al-Saud is flying as part of the reimbursable agreement with the Arab Satellite Communications Organization covering the launch of the Arabsat 1B communications satellite and Baudry represents France's Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales.

STS-51G Payload Specialists

(S85-33317) -

STS-51G Payload Specialist Sultan Salman Al-Saud

STS-51G Payload Specialist Patrick Baudry

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