September 12 - 22, 1993

Crew & Mission

Left:(STS051-S-001 - ) --- Frank L. Culbertson Jr., Commander. William F. Readdy, Pilot. James H. Newman Ph.D., Mission Specialist 1. Daniel W. Bursch, Mission Specialist 2. Carl E. Walz, Mission Specialist 3

The Artwork

(STS051-S-001 - January 1993) --- Designed by the crewmembers, the STS-51 crew patch honors all who have contributed to mission success. It symbolizes NASA's continuing quest to increase mankind's knowledge and use of space through this multi-faceted mission. The gold star represents the U.S. Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) boosted by the Transfer Orbit Stage (TOS). The rays below the ACT\TOS represent the innovative communication technologies to be tested by this experiment. The stylized Shuttle Pallet Satellite (SPAS) represents the German-sponsored ASTRO\SPAS mission. The constellation Orion below SPAS is representative of the types of stellar objects to be studied by its experimenters. The stars in Orion also commemorate the astronauts who have sacrificed their lives for the space program. The ascending spiral, symbolizing America's continuing commitment to leadership in space exploration and development, originates with the thousands of persons who ensure the success of each Shuttle flight. The five large white stars, representing the five crewmembers, along with the single gold star, fomm the mission's numerical designation.