The Crew & Mission

(S82-36286 - 31 August 1982) -- Official portrait of STS-5 mission crew. They are Astronauts Vance D. Brand (second left), commander; Robert F. Overmyer (second right), pilot; and Joseph P. Allen (left) and William S. Lenoir, both mission specialists. They pose in blue flight suits holding their helmets.

Mission: Commercial Communications Satellites (ANIK C-3)/Satellite Business Systems (SBS-C)
Space Shuttle: Columbia
Launch Pad: 39A
Launched: Nov. 11, 1982 at 7:19:00 a.m. EST
Landing Site: Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
Landing: Nov. 16, 1982 at 6:33:26 a.m. PST
Runway: 22
Rollout Distance: 9,553 feet
Rollout Time: 63 seconds
Revolution: 82
Mission Duration: 5 days, 2 hours, 14 minutes and 26 seconds
Returned to KSC: Nov. 22, 1982
Orbit Altitude: 184 nautical miles
Orbit Inclination: 28.5 degrees
Miles Traveled: 2.1 million

STS-5 Artwork

This is the official crew patch for the fifth (note five points of star) NASA Space Transportation System (STS-5) flight, scheduled for November of this year. The STS-5 mission is NASA's first operational STS flight following four successful test flights. It will call for Columbia to be manned by four astronauts - a space agency first.

These photo's show 3 desings of the STS-5 patch made by artist Bob McCall.


The first spacewalk or EVA was scheduled for STS-5, but problems with the EVA suits cancelled the spacewalks. The above image shows the Beta-cloth STS-5 patch.

STS-5 payload

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