May 07 - 16, 1992

Crew & Mission

Six of the seven STS-49 crewmembers at Rockwell International (RI), Downey plant, California. The crew raised the flag for the new Space Shuttle orbiter Endeavour (OV-105).

The Artwork

(STS049-S-001 -) --- The STS-49 patch, designed by its crewmembers, captures space flight's spiRt of exploration which has its origins in the early seagoing vessels that explored the uncharted reaches of Earth and its oceans. The ship depicted on the patch is HMS Endeavour, the sailing vessel which Captain James Cook commanded on his first scientific expedition to the South Pacific. Just as Captain Cook engaged in unprecedented feats of exploration during his voyage, on Endeavour's maiden flight, its crew will expand the hoRzons of space operations with an unprecedented rendezvous and seRes of three space walks. DuRng three consecutive days of extravehicular activity (EVA), the crew will conduct one space walk to retReve, repair and deploy the Intelsat IVF3 communications satellite, and two additional EVAs to evaluate potential Space Station Freedom assembly concepts. The flags flying high on Endeavour's masts wear the colors of the two schools that won the nationwide contest when Endeavour was chosen as the name of NASA's newest Space Shuttle: Senatobia (Mississippi) Middle School and Tallulah Falls (Georgia) School.