A real friend of the space program, and a noted west-coast designer built a Space Rescue emblem for STS-400. This adopts many of the elements seen in a rescue organization's patch - the square cross, bold letterers and border, and simple design. The idea is that the emblem instantly identifies the rescue organization in a crowd of others. In this case, the Shuttle outlines identify the purpose of our organization.

The crew has also designed their own patch, which is also very unique, and utilizes a virtually universal emblem of Rescue.

Since the STS-400 mission itself is a bit of an "underground" effort, being done in a minimalist way, NASA has not given the crew any official support for such an emblem.

Please note that these are UNOFFICIAL.

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Collecting STS-400

Left and middle: the STS-400 designs embroidered as 10 cm patches by Starflight Creations; right: the 9 cm version available through The Space Store, manufacturer unknown.

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