April 28 - May 06, 1991

Crew & Mission

(STS039-07-017 - May 1991) --- STS-39 crewmembers pose on the middeck of Discovery, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 103, for their onboard (in space) portrait. In front (at the bottom of the frame) is Mission Specialist (MS) Charles L. Veach. In the middle are (left to right) MS Donald R. McMonagle, Commander Michael L. Coats, and MS Gregory J. Harbaugh. In the back are (left to right) MS Guion S. Bluford, Jr, Pilot L. Blaine Hammond, and MS Richard J. Hieb.

The Artwork

(STS039-S-001 - October 1990) --- The arrowhead shape of the STS-39 crew patch represents a skyward aim to learn more about our planet's atmosphere and space environment in support of the Department of Defense. Our national symbol is represented by the star constellation Aguila (the eagle) as its brightest star, Altair, lifts a protective canopy above Earth. The Space Shuttle encircles the spectrum which represents x-ray, ultraviolet, visible and infrared electromagnetic radiation to be measured by a variety of scientific instruments. Experiments will be operated within the payload bay and aboard a free-flying satellite which will be deployed and retrieved during the mission. The patch was designed by the STS-39 crew.

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