November 15 - 20, 1990

Crew & Mission

(STS038 S-040 - 20 November 1990) --- STS-38 crewmembers, wearing red, yellow, and orange polo shirts, pose in front of Atlantis, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104, parked on runway 33 at Kennedy Space Center's (KSC's) Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) during post flight activities. Left to right are Commander Richard O. Covey, Mission Specialist (MS) Robert C. Springer, MS Charles D. Gemar, Pilot Frank L. Culbertson, and MS Carl J. Meade.

The Artwork

(STS038-S-001) --- The STS patch was designed to represent and pay tribute to all the men and woman who contribute to the Space Shuttle program. The top orbiter, with the stylistic Orbital Maneuvering System burn, symbolizes the continuing dynamic nature of the Space Shuttle Program. The bottom orbiter, a black and white mirror image, acknowledges the thousands of unheralded individuals who work behind the scenes in support of America's Space Shuttle program. This mirror image symbolizes the importance of their contributions.