April 05 - 11, 1991

Crew & Mission

(STS037-30-024 - 11 April 1991) --- STS-37 crewmembers pose for onboard (in-space) portrait with some reminders of their goals and accomplishments in hand on Atlantis', Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104's, middeck. Commander Steven R. Nagel and Pilot Kenneth D. Cameron are on the back row. Left to right on the front row are Mission Specialist (MS) Jerry L. Ross, MS Linda M. Godwin, and MS Jerome Apt. Ross holds a sign which reads, "Ace Railroad, STS-37" and has a drawing of a railroad locomotive to pay tribute to the thorough evaluations of crew and equipment translation aid (CETA) carts which he and Apt conducted during the mission's second extravehicular activity (EVA). Godwin holds the STS-37 crew insignia and Apt shows off a giant-sized Ace of Spades with an overlay which reads, "Ace Observatory Co.," in reference to the deployment of the Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO).

The Artwork

(STS037-S-001 - May 1990) --- STS-37 CREW INSIGNIA --- The principal theme of the STS-37 patch, designed by astronaut crewmembers, is the primary payload -- Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO) --and its relationship to the Space Shuttle. The Shuttle and the GRO are both depicted on the patch and are connected by a large gamma. The gamma symbolizes both the quest for gamma rays by GRO as well as the importance of the relationship between the manned and unmanned elements of the United States space program. The Earth background shows the southern portion of the United States under a partial cloud cover while the two fields of three and seven stars, respectively, refer to the STS-37 mission designation.