February 28 - March 05, 1990

Crew & Mission

(STS036 S-002 - 4 March 1990) --- STS-36 Atlantis, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104, crewmembers pose for their official crew portrait in front of Discovery, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 103, on Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Launch Complex (LC) Pad 39B. Right to left are Mission Specialist (MS) Pierre J. Thuot, Pilot John H. Casper, Commander John O. Creighton, MS Richard M. Mullane, and MS David C. Hilmers. The launch tower including the retracted rotating service structure (RSS) and the fixed service structure (FSS) are lit up against the foggy morning sky. Portrait taken by NASA JSC contract photographer Jack Jacob.

The Artwork

(November 1989) --- The dominant theme of the STS-36, designed by the five astronaut crewmembers, is, in their words "...the essential role that space plays in preserving the blessings of freedom and liberty for America." The crew used the eagle to symbolize "our country's commitment to strength and vigilance; its domain is not bound by the limits of Earth but reaches out to the star." "The Shuttle," they express "majestically beginning its journey into orbit demonstrates how man and machine work together for the security of our nation." A crew spokesman went on to say the flag represents the patriotism and love for America possessed by each member of the five-man crew and signifies the honor accorded them through participation in national defense.

A Personal Story...

"STS-36 - A military mission. Patriotic theme. Shows the star field of the American flag blending with the stars of space".

- Astronaut, Mike Mullane -

Something Different

Scott Health & Safety from the USA is using a logo that is related to the STS-36 patch as you can see on these images.