December 02 - 10, 1990

Crew & Mission

(STS035 S-002) --- The five astronauts and two payload specialists assigned to NASA's STS-35 mission, scheduled aboard Columbia, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 102, in the spring of this year, pose for their crew portrait. Astronaut Vance D. Brand, center front and holding STS-35 insignia, making his fourth flight in space and his third STS flight, will serve as mission commander. he is flanked on the front row by Pilot Guy S. Gardner and Mission Specialist (MS) John M. Lounge. On the back row (left to right) are MS Robert A.R. Parker, Payload Specialist Ronald A. Parise, MS Jeffrey A. Hoffman, and Payload Specialist Samuel T. Durrance. The crewmembers are wearing their orange launch and entry suits (LESs).

The Artwork

(STS035 S-001 - 29 January 1990) --- Designed by the crewmembers assigned to the mission, the STS-35 crew patch symbolizes the Space Shuttle flying above Earth's atmosphere to better study the many celestial objects of the universe, represented by the constellation Orion. The primary payload of STS-35 is ASTRO-I, a group of ultraviolet telescopes and the Broad-Band X-Ray Telescope.