November 23 - 28, 1989

Crew & Mission

(STS033-22-035 - 27 November 1989) --- STS-33 crewmembers, wearing mission polo shirts, pose on the middeck of Discovery, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 103, for onboard (in-space) crew portrait. Clockwise (starting left) are Commander Frederick D. Gregory, Mission Specialist (MS) Kathryn C. Thornton, Pilot John E. Blaha, MS Manley L. Carter, Jr, and MS F. Story Musgrave.

The Artwork

(STS033-S-001) --- This is the crew patch for STS-33, designed by the five crewmembers. It features a stylized falcon soaring into space to represent America's commitment to manned space flight. The crewmembers feel the falcon symbolizes courage, intelligence, tenacity, and love of flight. They intend the orbit around Earth to represent the falcon's lofty domain; however, the bird, with its keen vision and natural curiosity, is depicted looking forward beyond that domain to challenge the edge of the universe. The bold red feathers of the wings drawn from the American flag overlaying the random field of stars illustrate the determination to expand the boundaries of knowledge by American presence in space. The single gold star on a field of blue honors the memory of the late Rear Admiral S. David Griggs, originally assigned to this crew.