May 04 - 08, 1989

Crew & Mission

(S89-30150 - 30 April 1989) --- At the conclusion of the STS-30 preflight press conference, the five astronauts assigned to NASA's mission devoted to the deployment of the Magellan probe pose for a group portrait. Around a model of the Magellan spacecraft are (left to right) Mission Specialist (MS) Mary L. Cleave, MS Mark C. Lee, MS Norman E. Thagard, Pilot Ronald J. Grabe, and Commander David M. Walker. The event was held in the JSC Auditorium and Public Affairs Facility Bldg 2 briefing room. STS-30 mission will fly onboard Atlantis, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104, and is scheduled for an April 28 liftoff.

The Artwork

() --- The STS-30 patch depicts the joining of NASA's manned and unmanned space programs. The sun and inner planets of our solar system are shown with the curve connecting Earth and Venus symbolizing the shuttle orbit, the spacecraft trajectory toward Venus, and its subsequent orbit around our sister planet. A Spanish caravel similar to the ship on the official Magellan program logo commemorates the 16th century explorer's journey and his legacy of adventure and discovery. Seven stars on the patch honor the crew of Challenger. The five-star cluster in the shape of the constellation Cassiopeia represent the five STS-30 crewmembers - Astronauts David Walker, Ronald Grabe, Norman Thagard, Mary Cleave and Mark Lee - who collectively designed the patch.