December 02 - 06, 1988

Crew & Mission

(S88-45002 - August 25, 1988) --- STS-27 Atlantis, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104, official crew portrait includes crewmembers wearing t-shirts with NASA and mission insignias (logos) and mission insignia displayed in the background. Seated left to right are Pilot Guy S. Gardner, Commander Robert L. Gibson, Mission Specialist (MS) Jerry L. Ross and standing are MS William M. Shepherd (left) and MS Richard M. Mullane.

The Artwork

(JULY 15, 1988) --- This is the official insignia of the NASA STS-27 mission. The patch depicts the Space Shuttle lifting off against the multi-colored backdrop of a rainbow, symbolizing the triumphal return to flight of our nation's manned space program. The design also commemorates the memory of the crew of Challenger mission STS-51-L, represented by the seven stars. The names of the flight crewmembers of STS-27 are located along the boarder of the patch. Each crew member contributed to the design of the insignia.

A Personal Story...

"STS-27 was the second post-Challenger flight. The "rainbow" of colors was to signify the "new beginning" after the "storm" of the Challenger disaster".

- Astronaut, Mike Mullane -