sts-112 patch

October 7-18, 2002

The Crew

STS112-S-002 (May 2002) --- These five astronauts and cosmonaut take a break from training to pose for the STS-112 crew portrait. Astronauts Jeffrey S. Ashby and Pamela A. Melroy, commander and pilot, respectively, are in the center of the photo. The mission specialists are, from left to right, astronauts Sandra H. Magnus, David A. Wolf and Piers J. Sellers and cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin, who represents Rosaviakosmos.

The Artwork

STS112-S-001 (March 2002) --- The STS-112 emblem symbolizes the ninth assembly mission ( 9A) to the International Space Station, a flight which is designed to deliver the Starboard 1 ( S1 ) truss segment. The 30,000 lb truss segment will be lifted to orbit in the Shuttle payload bay and installed using the ISS robotic arm; three spacewalks will then be carried out to complete connections between the truss and ISS. Future missions will extend the truss stucture to a span of over 350 feet so that it can support the solar arrays and radiators which provide the electrical power and cooling for ISS.

The STS-112 emblem depicts ISS from the viewpoint of a departing Shuttle, with the installed S1 truss segment outlined in red. A gold trail represents a portion of the Shuttle rendezvous trajectory. Where the trajectory meets ISS, a nine-pointed star represents the combined on-orbit team of six Shuttle and three ISS crew who together will complete the S1 truss installation. The trajectory continues beyond the ISS, ending in six-pointed star representing the space shuttle ATLANTIS and the STS-112 crew.

Spot the Patch !!!

STS112-E-5184 (11 October 2002) --- Continuing a tradition for visiting shuttle crew commanders, astronaut Jeffrey Ashby, STS-112 commander, posts the mission insignia onboard the International Space Station (ISS).