August 10 - 22, 2001

The crew

The seven STS-105 crew members wait for a training and photo session to begin in the Systems Integration Facility at the Johnson Space Center (JSC). From the left are cosmonauts Mikhail Tyurin and Vladimir N. Dezhurov, and astronaut Frank L. Culbertson, who make up the Expedition Three crew; along with Patrick G. Forrester and Daniel T. Barry, both mission specialists; Frederick W. Sturckow, pilot; and Scott J. Horowitz, mission commander. Tyurin and Dezhurov both represent Rosaviakosmos.

The Artwork

(April 2001) --- The STS-105 crew patch symbolizes the exchange of the Expedition Two and Expedition Three crews aboard the International Space Station. The three gold stars near the ascending Orbiter represent the U.S. commanded Expedition Three crew as they journey into space, while the two gold stars near the descending Orbiter represent the Russian commanded Expedition Two crew and their return to Earth. The plumes of each Orbiter represent the flags of the United States and Russia and symbolize the close cooperation between the two countries. The Astronaut Office symbol, a star with three rays of light, depicts the unbroken link between Earth and the newest and brightest star on the horizon, the International Space Station (ISS). The ascending and descending Orbiters form a circle that represents both the crew rotation and the continuous presence in space aboard the ISS. The names of the four astronauts who will crew Discovery are shown along the border of the patch. The names of the Expedition Three and Expedition Two crews are shown on the chevron at the bottom of the patch.

Spot the Patch !!!

Before the launch of STS-105 astronaut Frank Culbertson, EXP-3 Commander, can be seen wearing 3 different patches (STS-105, STS-108 and EXP-3) all related to his flight to ISS.