April 19 - May 01, 2001

The crew

(March 2001) --- These international astronauts and cosmonaut have been in training in a number of venues for the April 2001 visit to the International Space Station (ISS). Seated are astronauts Kent V. Rominger (left) and Jeffrey S. Ashby, commander and pilot, respectively, for the STS-100 mission. Standing, from the left, are cosmonaut Yuri V. Lonchakov, with astronauts Scott F. Parazynski, Umberto Guidoni, Chris A. Hadfield and John L. Phillips, all mission specialists. Guidoni represents the European Space Agency (ESA); Hadfield is with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and Lonchakov is affiliated with Rosaviakosmos.

The Artwork

The STS-100/6A emblem reflects the complex interaction of robotics and extravehicular activity (EVA) on this mission. During the mission spacewalks will be conducted to deploy the International Space Station Robotic Manipulator System (SSRMS). The EVA helmet frames the patch, with the Canadian-built SSRMS shown below the visor. Reflected in the visor is the Space Shuttle Endeavour, with the International Space Station rising above the horizon at orbital sunrise. Endeavour's payload bay houses a Spacelab pallet, itself holding the SSRMS and the Space Station Ultra High Frequency Antenna, and the Italian-built Multi-Purpose Logistics Module "Raffaello." American, Russian, Canadian, and Italian astronauts compose the crew, and their flags are stylized in the lower portion of the emblem. Ten stars adorn the sky, representing the children of the STS-100 crew and the future of space exploration.