Crew and Mission

The crewmembers for the second Soyuz taxi mission to ISS were, CDR. Viktor Afanasyev, FE. Konstantin Kozeev and Claudie-Andre Haignere of France.

The Soyuz TM-33, Russian manned transport spacecraft, was launched on October 21, 2001 at 12:59:35 Moscow Summer Time from the cosmodrome Baikonur in the Republic of Kazachstan. The spacecraft was docked to the nadir docking port of the Zarya Functional Cargo Block of the ISS on October 23, 2001 at 14:44:15 Moscow Summer Time. The Soyuz TM-32 spacecraft undocked from Russian docking compartment Pier on October 31, 2001 at 4:38:30 Moscow Time. Landing took place on October 31, 2001 at 7:59:26 Moscow Time 180 km south-east of Dzhezkazgan (Republic of Kazachstan). Total flight duration was 9 days 20 hours 00 mins 25 secs.

The Artwork

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