Crew & Mission

The Expedition-20 Artwork

ISS020-S-001A (December 2008) --- The Expedition 20 patch symbolizes a new era in space exploration with the first six-person crew living and working onboard ISS and represents the significance of the ISS to the exploration goals of NASA and its international partners.

The six gold stars signify the men and women of the crew. The astronaut symbol extends from the base of the patch to the star at the top to represent the international team, both on the ground and on orbit, that are working together to further our knowledge of living and working in space.

The space station in the foreground represents where we are now and the important role it is playing towards meeting our exploration goals. The knowledge and expertise developed from these advancements will enable us to once again leave low earth orbit for the new challenges of establishing a permanent presence on the moon and then on to Mars. The blue, gray and red arcs represent our exploration goals as symbols of Earth, the moon and Mars.

Collecting Exp-20

The 96 mm patch produced by AB Emblem is available from www.skyforcepatches.com.

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