Crew & Mission

(ISS017-S-002E - 14 Feb. 2008) --- NASA astronauts Greg Chamitoff (left), Garrett Reisman, both Expedition 17 flight engineers; Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonauts Sergei Volkov, commander; and Oleg Kononenko, flight engineer, take a break from training at NASA's Johnson Space Center to pose for a portrait. Reisman will launch to the International Space Station on the STS-123 mission of Endeavour in March 2008, joining Expedition 16 in progress and will provide Expedition 17 with an experienced flight engineer for the first part of its increment. Volkov and Kononenko are scheduled to launch to the complex in the Soyuz TMA-12 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in April for a six-month mission. Chamitoff is scheduled to launch to the station on the STS-124 mission of Discovery in June, joining Expedition 17 in progress.

The Exp-17 Artwork

(ISS017-S-001A - Oct. 2007) --- The Expedition 17 patch is meant to celebrate current human achievements in space as well as symbolize the future potential for continuing exploration. The Earth, represented at the bottom of the patch, is the base from which all space exploration activities initiate. The International Space Station (ISS), shown in low Earth orbit, illustrates the current level of space operations. The arrow and star point outwards, away from the Earth, towards the wider universe indicating the direction of future activities as human beings build on what has already been accomplished. The flags, representing the home countries of the crew members, Russia and the United States, are touching, highlighting the cooperative nature of the space program and symbolizing the merger of science and technical knowledge of these two experienced space-faring nations.

Collecting Exp-17

These two crewpatches were a special request from members of the Cs forum who wanted a patch with names. The patches were made by AB Emblem.

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