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Expedition 15 crewmembers.

The Exp-15 Artwork

(ISS015-S-001A, ISS015-S-001B, ISS015-S-001C, ISS015-S-001D, ISS015-S-001E, ISS015-S-001F) --- November 2006 - The operational teamwork between human space flight controllers and the on-orbit crew take center stage in this emblem. Against a backdrop familiar to all flight controllers, past and present, independent of any nationality, the fifteenth expedition to the ISS is represented in Roman numeral form as part of the ground track traces emblazoned on the Mercator projection of the home planet Earth. The ISS, shown in its fully operational, assembly complete configuration, unfurls and then reunites the flags of this Russian and American crew in a show of our continuing international cooperation. Golden spheres placed strategically on the ground track near the flight control centers of the United States and Russia serve to symbolize both the joint efforts from each nation's team of flight controllers and the shuttle and Soyuz crew vehicles in their chase orbit as they rendezvous with the ISS. A rising sun provides a classic touch to the emblem signifying the perpetual nature of manned space flight operations and their origin in these two space-faring nations.

During the Expedition 15 media briefing on December 13, 2006 at Johnson Space Center, commander Fyodor Yurchikhin described his crew's patch for collectSPACE:

"This was my idea and then my crew helped me design everything for this patch. For me and for us, the Expedition 15, it is not only our crew. Expedition 15 is all people who work with this program, very nice, very complex-able (sic) program. I think that one of greatest view that everybody can understand, this is our map and our orbits. We use this in Russian MCC or in American, in Houston MCC. We use like this view in orbit like world map we have world map in our computers or in Russian segment we have the program Sigma (its the same program). Because a very important question everybody is 'Where we are?' yes, of course, 'Who we are?', Expedition 15 'where we are?' in orbit. An orbit continues and our program continues, and now our orbit is Expedition 15. You can see this in our patch, yes?

Two vehicles are important. One of this is station. The second is Soyuz spacecraft or shuttle or ATV or Progress, like these vehicles here. And to that, its vehicles and MCC you can understand that the dot is on the Houston Mission Control Center and on the Moscow Control Center. This is important.

Of course, all our names. Maybe, and its official, we hope we can see everybody. Because in center we can see the pyramid, yes? The bottom of pyramid is Tani and we hope to see Tani (laughs) in our flight. Its like this. The sun, everybody understands what is the sun. The sun is very important to us. Everyday we can see the sun, we are glad that our life continues and our flight continues, our orbits continue.

Collecting Exp-15

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