Soyuz TMA-13 Roscosmos Patch

On September 4, 2008 received this logo from Roscosmos. They asked us to modify it in such a way that the names of the Soyuz TMA-13 crew would be visible on the patch. We were asked to speed up the modification because Roscosmos wanted to use the logo at the farewell party on September 23, 2008 for the cosmonauts in Star City before the crew left for Baikonur for their launch.

We were also asked if it was possible to make embroidered patches of this design that could be given to the crew at the party, and later at Baikonur to V.I.P. guests attending the launch.

Of course we said "YES" to all of the requests from Roscosmos and our partner Luc van den Abeelen from Spaceview started working on the modification that same night. The next day he had two designs ready (see below).

Unfortunatly there were two errors in the name version. Yury Lonchakov's name was misspelled and also a T was left out in Garriott's name.

Now that Luc had a little bit more time to do the job, he made four new designs.

Shown here are the two designs for the TMA 13 patch in two versions each.

The difference is in the position and style of the identification of the spacecraft; over the body and accross the solar panels respectively. The second version of each has a golden 'C' in the name of the Soyuz in Russian, used as the Roman numeral 100, to indicate the 100th manned flight of the Soyuz spacecraft.

These designs all went to Roscosmos for the final pick of the Soyuz TMA-13 logo, but were rejected. Roscosmos wanted the crew names in a dark colour, not gold as we proposed, and the names of the crew had to be lower, near the bottom of the patch, which in turn led to the XIII go up a litte closer to the Soyuz capsule. Also the word Soyuz TMA had to be in English and Russian on the patch, as it was on the original design made by Roscosmos.

Luc made the requested adjustments (see below), but Roscosmos again rejected the idea of having a golden XIII for the 100th manned Soyuz. In fact, this turned out to be the exact reason why Roscosmos wanted to replace the 'Red' Berezin patch that was already worn by the crew: they disagreed on this being the 100th manned Soyuz mission.

On september 9, 2008 the we got word from Roscosmos that they approved this design with names:

Unfortunately, our design did not make it in time for an updated mission poster (See below), but the embroidered patches did arrive at Baikonur before the launch.

On September 19, 2008 Anatoly Perminov, Administrator of the Federal Space Agency Roscosmos, approved the patch for official use. Four days later, he held a traditional meeting with Soyuz TMA-13 crew who would fly to the International Space Station (ISS).

The patch did not fly on te Sokol suits, even though Roscosmos put out a press release less than a week before the launch with eleborate calculations to prove the crew wrong: TMA-13 was to be the 99th manned Soyuz mission. Lonchakov had a valid reason to reject the alternative: his name, as the commander, should have been at the center of the patch!

The logo in the construction hall at Baikonur.

The logo during crew farewell.

A folder handed out at Baikonur before the launch on October 12, 2008.

The cover of a press brochure about Soyuz TMA-13 and ISS Expedition-18, handed out by Roscosmos at Baikonour on launch day.

Collecting Soyuz TMA-13 Roscosmos Patch

We send out a little over 750 embroidered patches to Russia, but with permission from Roscosmos, we produced some extra for collectors. All of those have sold out.

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