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  • Faith 7 (Cooper)
  • Overview

    The astronauts of project Mercury (1961-1962) did not yet design patches for their flights. They rode their rockets with only the NASA-Meatball on their silver flight suits. They did come up with callsigns for their capsules, which were painted on the hull of the spacecraft. For the first two missions, these were simply spray-painted, using a stencil and white paint. Beginning with John Glenns Mercury 6 flight, the design was done by artist Cecelia Bibby, using colors to create a somewhat personal logo. Somewhere in the early nineties, these logo's were copied onto simple black patches by Randy Wagner of Eagle One Aerospace. We consider these the only patches that in a way connect to the astronauts. All other Mercury-logo's, even the program patch, were designed as souvenirs by others after the project had ended.